Some of the many kind words received from guests attending the show…

“…outstanding performance…if I had closed my eyes I would think it was The Beatles, fantastic thank you all”

“Well done guys, fabulous show last night at Aylesbury. Wow, that Abbey Road has some really tricky songs but you nailed them”

“Absolutely brilliant Abbey Road 50th anniversary gig at The Waterside Theatre last night. Great performance guys and a wonderful evening”

“Brilliant amazing and very enjoyable show tonight…Not sure if I will stop singing and manage sleep – who cares, it’s a splendid excuse for dark rings under eyes”

…and via facebook…

“What a fab evening. Came with friends over from NZ and had a great time, along with everyone else! Such a special evening”

“Absolutely amazing night, so professional”

“A fantastic night , well worth the trip from Wales”

“It was a wonderful superb evening. Honestly, I didn’t quite know what to expect beforehand, but wow!!”

“Was a truly great night at the Waterside well done to all involved a great tribute to the fab four”

“Incredible night. You were amazing as ever”

“Well that’s all I’ve been hearing about in Waitrose Aylesbury from customers since is how brilliant you all were well done”

“An amazing night. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world”

“Fab, fab, fab show”

“An absolutely fantastic evening, thank you all”

“Brilliant night! You were fabulous as usual!”

“Amazing evening…joyous occasion..absolutely suberb….you guys are seriously brilliant”