The DBs Cook Something Up At The Cambridge “Trinity Hall June Event 2015”

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Photography by Connie Goring-Morris.


  • Take one large marquee in spectacular Trinity Hall College, Cambridge
  • Add over one thousand students, well marinated and ready to party
  • Mix in twenty five songs by Lennon, McCartney and Harrison
  • And four blokes in black called The Dung Beatles

Cooking instructions:

  • Mix well, bring to boil and see what happens!

Well…what happened was nothing short of spectacular…

Thursday 18th June 2.00am: The boys take the stage following Radio 1’s Annie Mac, to close the show.

2.15am: “She loves you”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Day Tripper” and onwards into the swinging sixties. The DBs are playing loud. The audience, now over one thousand strong, are singing even louder.

2.45am: The place is jumping. The band are feeling the heat. Just four songs to go, can we make it?

3.00am: Last song – they’ve done it, but hang on, no-one’s leaving. ”One more song, one more song”, they chant, louder and louder.

3.01am: Well, would you tell over one thousand students the band’s off for cocoa and toast? No! So it’s into “Hey Jude”. WHAT A RESPONSE! THE NOISE IS INTENSE! Everyone knows the words, of course!

3.10am: Over one thousand students and four Dung Beatles, together for one night in Cambridge, laughing, still singing and celebrating a phenomenon: The Beatles.

If it gets any better than this, it probably isn’t legal!

Our sincere thanks to Xav and Matt from the Trinity Hall June Event Committee on music logistics, to Les and crew from 3D Events on sound and lights, and to wives Julie and Gillian, mostly on Jagerbombs and Gordon’s Gin!